The predictive algorithm for startup success

We channel the flow of information and analyze it with a combination of artificial intelligence and a team of professionals to assess the potential of startups.


How do we validate startups?

One of the reasons startups fail is the lack of market demand. Many new entrepreneurs start with an idea that will change the world and end up with a product or service that nobody needs.

Thanks to the Fortestream Method, it is possible to obtain validation in the form of an assessment or score, which provides a clear view of the company and its potential, and concrete assistance in directing one’s investments.

Step 1: Data Collection

We collect all important information about the startup and its product.

Step 2: Analisys

We analyze the startup in full, from economic data to the business model.

Step 3: Founder Interview

We talk to the founder and listen to his vision and perspectives.

Step 4: Preparation

We prepare the Startup to obtain a high-value market fit.

What the Fortestream® Method analyzes

The Fortestream® Method is the union of analytical analyses on economic and financial data and product market fit analysis.

Company Asset Analysis

Budget Analysis

Target Analysis

Market Area

Analysis of the Work Group

Founder Analysis

Business Model Analysis

Innovation Level

Know-how Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Analysis of Product Adoption

Sales Channels Analysis

Fruition Analysis

Distribution Analysis

Product Analysis

Customer Analysis

Perfect for Investors

Invest in startups certified with the Fortestream method.

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Indispensable for startups

Validate your start-up with Fortestream for more growth opportunities.

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