What would it be like to grow a start-up by following a recipe for success?

Fortestream is the predictive algorithm of a start-up's success

Numbers don't lie

Stats suggest that 90 per cent of start-ups fail and do not achieve any initial goals.

Lack of funding is often cited as the primary cause. But is really true?


Lack of demand

Product has no market


Lack of Marketing

The product is poorly presented


Team Problem

Team doesn't work well together

The money runs out because the product does not sell

The final act of a start-up that fails is almost always marked by a lack of liquidity. Hence, one finds oneself giving the simplest explanation to a much more complex problem: the money has run out!

But in reality, the money runs out because the start-up has never turned into a revenue-generating, invoicing and earning business.

So it all comes down to one simple question: how can a founder be sure that his company will not run out of money, closing down early like 90% of other start-ups?

the predictive algorithm of a start-up's success


With the Fortestream Method, we analyse precisely those parameters that are critical in determining the success of a start-up and which, if underestimated, lead to closure due to lack of funds.

Market Analysis

Does the market need the product? And which type specifically? What solutions?

Asset Analysis

Does the startup have all the material and human resources to aspire to success?

Lack of Innovation

Is the product at risk of being outrun by the competition? Does it really bring something new to the sector or is it replicable?

Lack of Team Cohesion

Are there the right people to achieve success? And what skills do they have?

Business Model Analysis

How is the startup organized and how does it get its revenues? How does it contain costs?

Delivery Times

How are the timings going? Do you keep up with deadlines?

Imagine now if this comprehensive and in-depth assessment could be condensed into an easy-to-interpret professional assessment that provides you with a valuable response on the start-up's ability to grow in the future and become a revenue-generating company.

The Assessment by Fortestream

The Fortestream® Method provides a comprehensive evaluation of startups, taking into account financial aspects and market fit. It examines assets, teams, know-how, leadership, competition, distribution, target market, business model, adoption, product, reference market, innovation, sales channels, and customer base for a comprehensive and multidimensional assessment.

With this comprehensive assessment you get a professional, competent, objective evaluation that identifies your strengths and weaknesses, showing you where to improve and what to focus on.

Investors will know that you are not fooling them, but that you have valuable assets to bet on.

Have the start-up evaluated to open the route to success

Investire in startup può essere rischioso a causa dell'incertezza e della mancanza di informazioni complete. Il Metodo Fortestream® aiuta a ridurre questo rischio fornendo un'analisi dettagliata e un punteggio basato su vari parametri.

 Il metodo aiuta a identificare se una startup ha trovato il suo Product Market Fit, che è un indicatore chiave del potenziale di successo di una startup.

Il Metodo Fortestream® può fare risparmiare tempo e risorse agli investitori. Invece di dover fare tutte queste analisi da soli, possono affidarsi a Fortestream per ottenere tutte le informazioni di cui hanno bisogno in un formato immediato.