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We help investors choose among startups with huge potential.

One of the reasons why startups fail is the lack of a market; many new entrepreneurs start with an idea that will change the world and end up with a product or service that no one needs.


The Fortestream® Method combines analytical analysis of financial data with product-market fit analysis. This creates a clear vision of the company and its potential, providing tangible assistance in directing your investments.

At the end of the assessment, we assign a score to the startup based on an objective analysis of a wide range of parameters, which prove crucial for success.

The score consists of two evaluations: the first letter represents the assessment of the economic and financial aspects, ranging from E (the lowest score) to A (the highest score). The number next to it, rated from 1 to 9, where 9 represents the highest score, pertains to the Market Fit analysis.

As an investor, you can thus have a judgment based on the startup’s ability to grow in the future and generate value for you.

What the Fortestream® Method analyzes

The Fortestream® Method combines analytical analysis of economic and financial data with product-market fit analysis.

Company Asset Analysis

Budget Analysis

Target Analysis

Market Area

Analysis of the Work Group

Founder Analysis

Business Model Analysis

Innovation Level

Know-how Analysis

Competitors Analysis

Analysis of Product Adoption

Sales Channels Analysis

Fruition Analysis

Distribution Analysis

Product Analysis

Customer Analysis

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Dedicated Teams

We help startups showcase their true potential in the market.

Startups close in 90% of cases. Only 50% of those that survive go beyond the five-year mark.

Yet there are cases of remarkable success.

Why? Because the idea is supported by a correct assessment of the market and the product.

The lack of funds is therefore more of an effect than a cause. Our assessment helps founders understand if their creation has the right characteristics to survive the initial round of funding or even start receiving it.


At the end of the assessment, we provide the startup with a comprehensive but very clear and precise document that outlines the status of the fundamental parameters of a startup destined to grow and become a mature company that generates revenue.

Market fit analysis is essential to understand if the company has found its place in the market.

As a founder, you gain access to crucial data and information about parameters that statistics and investors consider vital for growth.